Counterplanning from the kitchen

Domestic Art Practice (DAP) is a research platform that is looking into precarious working conditions that artists and creators are  facing in todays society. It asks question concerning what is work? where do we work? and how do we work? Taking on the notion of “home work” as a continuation from “school work” it aims to explore how artists working condition (working from home) effects the art work, objects and presentation.

Schools function in todays society as preparation for work. Students labour is often exploited and unpaid, in some cases students are hyper exploited and are forced to pay for being in school. School and the work generated within it, is thus free labour with the enticement that one might be paid for it in the future. These conditions are not applicable to the same extend to artists and creators, as these professions often self generated. Many artists and creators continues their hole life to work for free without receiving wage or social benefits, by having side job to their practice.

By raising a variety of different types of work and labour that goes unchallenged in society, we hope display the fundamental hierarchal structure of work and labour. This as a way to challenge a capital orientated society which is needs this hierarchy to continue to function. The final aim is to explore how this effect us and artworks. Home work specifically looks at art work performed, displayed etc. in a domestic environment.

Artists and creators are invited to speak about their working conditions and their art practice as housework.

For more information please contact: jensstrandberg[at]1200m.org


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